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Under the Bib: Cool Weather, Hot Drops

Most of us carry a little extra weight around this time of year. Some call it their “winter coat”, others just know it as “baggage”. We tend to offset the cold season metabolism spikes by chucking extra roast dinner, pasta, and pie into our system, all to feel warm again. Let me say firsthand: the added pounds aren’t worth a dime in heat on the golf course from November to, eh, April, in the Pacific Northwest. Much less in actual cold climates.

You need warm clothes if you're going to drag your clubs to the local muni once per week. That’s why in this edition of Under the Bib, I’ve included a few items that will hold up in the chilly season. Dig in.

Lyle & Scott x Oi Polloi, Argyle Cardigan, $210

Call it romanticization for artisanal products from the UK, call it an affinity for the grungy stylings of Cobain, but I love everything about this new collab from two legendary British brands. Manufactured in Italy, these thrifty cardigans are made from mohair—fabric produced from the hair of the Angora goat, duh—and come in two colorways: plum dusk and bright olive.

The jumpers aren’t overly branded—Lyle & Scott’s iconic golden eagle is discreetly etched into the buttons. Instead, this release boils down to a classic cardigan silhouette, earthy tones, and a celebration of Lyle & Scott’s knitwear heritage. The sweater is a betrothal of old and new, and will work great for chilly mornings on or off the course.

I’m spoiling the surprise right away: this pant actually has bamboo in the materials list, adding smooth comfort to the fit and feel. The understated pant is a wardrobe staple, which makes it such a worthwhile purchase—it transitions seamlessly from the golf course, to a hike, to a dinner.

Adaptability is core to Linksoul’s DNA. The southern California golf clothing brand isn’t too “golfy”, and that’s a good thing. What’s more, Linksoul is committed to sustainability and community stewardship—evidenced by the brand’s founder, John Ashworth’s recent work to save local course Goat Hill Park. So buy their pants.

Random Golf Club, Trademark Jacket, $70

RGC just launched a mega Fall/Winter collection on Black Friday: hats, socks, sweatshirts, and their now-famous Field Kit that “turns the entire globe into a golf course”. What piqued my interest above all else in this drop was this Trademark Jacket, and namely its value. At just $70, this light jacket has a functional, minimalist design, with kangaroo pockets to boot. And in case anyone forgot what brand you were repping, they’ll remember as soon as you walk past: the entire back of the jacket (backet) is emblazoned with the RGC script logo.

These socks straight up don’t even exist yet. The Swiss brand’s foot huggers will hit digital shelves in January, but I had to feature them right this second. They’re angular, they pop with color, they’re Swiss! But no holes here—the socks are sewn with durable materials designed to endure a golfer’s ambling lifestyle. Onzé’s socks come in four different cuts: no-show, ankle, crew, and over the calf—so you can cherry pick how much of your leg will grace your stroll down the fairway.

Can’t wait until January? Snag a gift card from Onzé and reserve a pair of socks for the big drop. The conversion rate of Swiss francs to US dollars is just about even, so make it rain.

G/FORE are known for taking traditionalist shoe silhouettes and cranking up the volume. They stick to that mold with this studded, bedazzled “gallivanter” (great name) release to their women’s line. White shoes can be a touch brazen in the winter months, but the waterproof upper should keep them fresh through to next season. If there’s a quibble with this shoe, it’s the price tag—but you’re sure to get a fantastic product. And if you can’t get down with gold and silver studs, then giddy out my way.


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