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Under the Bib: The End is Nigh

Unless you live down south, are a retired snowbird, or enjoy being soaked through in 38 degrees, the 2020 outdoor golf season is rapidly coming to a close. That’s a major bummer, particularly in a COVID world, where the golf course has been a much-needed socially distanced respite from being stuck inside. This latest edition of Under the Bib features items that work both on and off the golf course—they look just as good pumping shots out of bounds as they do while not paying attention during Zoom calls.

Asher Golf, Mirrored Golfer T-Shirt, $30

This shirt is a literal reflection of your personality. The white lettering over the navy backdrop gives the tee a minimalist look, while still demonstrating that you are indeed a masochist. This shirt is a great off-season purchase, and works as a solid gift for the holidays: it’s undeniably a golf shirt, but scraps the collar. Wear this in front of the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times. See what happens.

Asher makes a whole line of t-shirts and sweaters, but is most known for their colorful array of leather golf gloves. Not only do Asher’s gloves buck the black or white leather paradigm, but their velcro straps come adorned with unique artwork: Jack Nicklaus, Erik Anders Lang’s dog, and even custom logos for people who want to rock their own brand.

They say it’s better to be lucky than good. Fuck that. It’s better to be both. With the new Jordan 5 release from Nike, you can have both luck and...good...powering you from the ground up. These might look more like Miami Dolphins football cleats than golf shoes, but the “Sail/Starfish/Neptune Green/Obsidian” pops in all the right places. We’ve discussed the performance gap of Jordan retros before, but it bears more unpacking. The retros released as golf shoes have been thoughtfully designed and bring new looks to the course, but they don’t include modern technology that optimizes for comfort, which is paramount if you’re walking 18 holes.

Nevertheless, the Jordan 5 is one of my favorite silhouettes: the lace locks are functional and offer a color splash, and the little windows on the upper leave room for creative entitlement for custom wizards. The Lucky and Good release doesn’t take advantage of every opportunity for color, but its simplicity is what makes the shoe so effective. Jury’s out on how it’ll actually perform on the golf course.

I’m a sucker for a good mascot. And this anthropomorphic pimento-cheese-sandwich-man might be the new leader in the clubhouse. This hat was released as part of a Masters package by Devereux, including a pimento azalea putter cover that features the same character. In addition to its notoriously pristine and utopian conditions (read: fake and exclusive), the Masters is home to one of the most beloved concessions menus at any sporting event.

Egg salads, sausage biscuits, and yes, pimento cheese sandwiches dot the menu, and shockingly cost no more than $3—a bonafide steal considering the astronomical food prices at most stadiums. Even though patrons weren’t allowed at this Masters tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you could still take part in the golf and food action by donning this snapback rope hat.

Whim Golf & J. Lindeberg, Caddie Suit, $345

This item is admittedly one of those head-scratchers. We’ll fight for caddies to the death, and will always support clothing that was inspired by the bag bandit community. This one is interesting, though. We’re not entirely sure how it relates to caddies, other than by the photos and copy that were produced to help market the outfit. I can't help but balk at the price tag.

One thing that we can tell: it looks super comfortable. The two-layer Italian wool is sure to be plush. The matching cap and fanny pack situation offer functional and stylized accompaniments to this novelty piece. Does it work to play golf in? Unsure. Does it make for a great photoshoot on the golf course? Hard yes. Whim and JL claim that the suit is wind and water repellant, so this could be a perfect getup for the shoulder season. We’re looking forward to some user reviews once the jumpsuits actually get out into the field.


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