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  • Trevor Foster

Under the Bib: Wildfire Season

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

“My world’s on fire, how about yours? The golf course is closed and now I’m hella bored.”

-Smash Mouth remix by all of us in Portland.

Fire season means that fall is right around the corner. Leaves are starting to change and the cool-weather apparel is inching out of the woodwork. This edition of Under the Bib hosts a hawt bag of goodies with something for everyone. Whether you’re an anarchist or a traditionalist, check out this pile, bandits.

Abendroth Golf, Peggy Pant, $136

These Peggy Pants from Abendroth Golf are "Those Pants"! Abendroth's founder and CEO, Emily Farrell is a PGA pro who, in years of looking, couldn’t find the right pant to seamlessly transition from on-course to off-course. So she got to work and made the Peggy Pant herself. Mark my words, these joggers won't ever be mistaken for sweatpants. These pups are built to travel from dew sweeping with your morning coffee to an afternoon business meeting—via Zoom or an actual, real human meeting.

The Peggy Pant is made from a professional looking, four-way stretch performance material. Available in Navy, Grey, Black and Olive Green, they’ll fit in with any fit. Versatile and built for a busy schedule, the Peggy Pant has your valuables covered with multiple pocketing options. If you’re the person that’s moving and grooving all day long and need a professional look, these are the pants for you.

Anti Country Club Tokyo, Anarchy Golf Long Sleeve, $60

“Cause I wanna be anarchy”. The world burns around us. Our forests are on fire. Beirut blew up. Innocent people are being murdered in the streets and in their own homes. The people rise up and are met with tear gas. The ever-lurking threat of a deadly virus looms over the entire globe. With that, anarchy sounds alright with me. Golf traditions can take an extra dose.

The creative members of Anti Country Club Tokyo stitched this long sleeve Anarchy tee. Bone golf tees run along the arms and form an anarchist "A" on the back, with a broken tee as the crossbar. “Cause I wanna be anarchy” flows across the chest. Follow Anti Country Club Tokyo on IG and shoot them a DM to get more details on how to purchase. There's simply nothing traditional about this.

Anarchy and golf might not seem to mix at face-value. But that's changing. There is no hierarchy of strokes—they all count the same. You govern yourself on the course, your group creates the rules and the wagers. We play voluntarily where, when, and how we want to. This long sleeve embodies this mentality, and will be a useful fall layer that'll make some members think you’re just a walking skeleton with two bags hanging from your boney shoulders.

Slacker Tide, Easy 3 Neck Gaiter, $18

Easy 3 Puttz, the grandfather of gangster shanks, is here to protect ya neck. If you’ve played golf on the west coast in the last week, chances are you’ve been in some smoky conditions. Grab a neck gaiter from Slacker Tide to keep yourself safe out on the links. I copped my own a few weeks ago, and haven’t been disappointed. While they’re not the best material to actually filter the air around you, they do a good enough job and keep you in line with COVID-19 precautions that golf courses are taking. Here are some other options from Slacker Tide that’ll up your accessory game.

Adidas, Golf Superstar, $130

Adidas waived the magic 9 iron at its classic shell toes and poof! Now you’re a golf shoe. Adding rubber pegs and 6 golf spikes to the bottom of the iconic Superstar Adidas finally gave this sneaker the golf makeover. At $130, it competes with the Nike Golf 270s and the Puma RS-Gs for the best mid-budget golf sneaker.

These sneaks will keep you fresh on the course but will they keep you grounded? I’m skeptical as to how the Golf Superstars will perform on the course and how comfortable they will be. It looks as though Adidas took the easy way out in terms of converting the soles of the shoe to golf. Instead of a complete redesign, like the Nike 270s, Adidas simply adds spikes to the Superstars. I would have preferred if Adidas would have stuck with a spikeless design with these, so they could be worn casually off the golf course too. With that being said, these are a must-have staple in the modern golfer's wardrobe, and I’m excited to see what customized renditions of this shoe surface over the next few months.

Thats a wrap for now, bandits. Keep the threads under the bib unique and personal. Peace.


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