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Under the Bib: Sun Shades and Golf Dresses

We’re in the midst of a 100-plus degree heat wave in Portland, Oregon, and I can’t hang. But, golf. There must always be golf. So, to survive, I need breathable, functional clothing that will keep me from heaving over on the 13th tee box. For this Under the Bib, I’ve wrangled some tasty summer options from some of my new favorite makers. Dig in, and buy like I get compensated for it. I don’t.

Publik Golf, Publik Only T-Shirt Cream, $52

I’ve never worn a golf shirt like this before. It’s oversized, it’s heavyweight, it’s garment-dyed. Most importantly, it’s really, really comfortable—like playing golf in a hug. Might make you sweat in the 100-degree heat, but this shirt is perfect for a summer morning or a twilight nine. Publik Golf is a brand new, Portland-based apparel company, and their entire first run of product is speaking to people. The team is composed of former competitive snowboarders, and it’s their mission to infuse the big-tee culture into golf. Job well done.

Publik stays relatively tame on the branding front, and that’s evidenced with this shirt—it doesn’t slap you in the face with logos or shiny objects, but its fingerprints are neatly camouflaged on the front and back. Nab one of these shirts, and stay tuned for a second drop later this summer.

Mavrans, Army Game Swim Short, $89

Yeah, they’re swim shorts, but there’s an angular dressiness to this cut from Miami lifestyle brand, Mavrans, which makes them well appropriate for golf. In my eyes, swim shorts make an ideal summer golf outfit: they’re invariably performance-designed, and typically come in more interesting patterns than your fill-in-the-blank default settings golf company’s attempt. What’s more, Mavrans clothing is spun from its proprietary reCOCOBLEND fabric: recycled plastic bottles and coconut husks—so your eco-conscience can sigh relief with these shorts. If you really want to go (coco)nuts, get the matching top.

Jason Fields and his team at Radda are always moving the needle in golf fashion, and their most recent collection is no exception. Their new two-button Vasoline polo is made for the hot season. It's lightweight and breathable, and just looks like it will improve your sand game. I typically admonish “golfiness” but Radda does it the right way, with thoughtful design choices: the contrast collar broadens the color palette, and the length of the shirt’s sleeves and waistline give it some extra styling options. The Vasoline Polo comes in Indigo Cement Stripe, shown here, as well as a Sand colorway.

Now, look. Part of you might wonder “$25 sunglasses? Are they any good?” Well, they’re Goodr, and that’s all you need to know. Sunglass maker, Goodr, has firmly dipped a toe and its flamingo mascot, Carl, right into the golf world, and with quick success. This is not a drill: Sergio Garcia was recently spotted sporting some Goodr shades. Goodr’s branding is loud, their naming conventions are typically alcoholic, and they don’t fuck around on the social medias—they’re okay in my book. And at just $25 per frame, it’s worth getting a few pairs to accent your favorite on-course outfits.

I’ve made a public vow to start wearing more dresses on the golf course, and this one does it for me. J. Lindeberg has become a recent golf thread crowd favorite, and for good reason: their pants, shirts, and dresses are all top-quality design and made with top-quality materials. This dress is for anyone, go get yours.


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