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Videos: Caddying at Bandon Dunes

The caddie program at Bandon Dunes is a league unto itself. Where a typical caddie shack might contain 40-50 loopers on any given weekend, the yard at Bandon is teeming with 400—and they surely would have given a challenge to Leonidas back in the day.

I had the distinct privilege of following one of Bandon's top guns-for-hire around a loop at the original course on property: Bandon Dunes. Jason Calamaro, or "Squid" as he's known at the resort, is a consummate professional on the bag.

The three short videos below highlight the unique nature of being a full-time caddie at Bandon Dunes: what it's like to work with resort guests on a day-to-day basis, and dealing with the prickly gorse bush that surrounds and weaves through the sprawling resort.





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