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Under the Bib: Bands and Buckets

Updated: May 21, 2021

It's been over a month since the last edition of Under the Bib, a style drop of new releases in the golf fashion space. But we're back on track with some certified bangers from a few of my favorite manufacturers who emblemize the not-so-golfy approach that's gaining steam. Serious steam. Take a seat, open some links, and buy like I get compensated for it (I don't).


Solo Golf, Band Collar Shirt, $72

Solo is all about transitional clothing. Co-Founder, Dan Sullivan, often cites the lack of care for product that he feels when walking into a typical golf course pro shop. “They feel like the back room of a run-down warehouse. Logos are slapped on everything, and there’s no pride in what’s being sold.” Dan and Tessa Sullivan have taken the opposite approach with their brick and mortar space. The only hint that Solo’s retail pop-up outside Boston is golf-oriented is the in-store simulator in the back corner, which provides ample opportunity to see how each piece of clothing will function throughout the golf swing.

Each item is thoughtfully designed, fashioned with meant-to-be-there accents—hoods and pockets everywhere—and remains decidedly understated on the branding front. Solo’s new band collar shirt is no exception. The blend of organic cotton and bamboo gives the top a relaxed feel, but the raised ribbed collar literally heightens the look, keeping you well in-bounds of any arcane dress codes. The new Band Collar Shirt will be available for purchase on May 21, so queue up that shopping cart.

Random Golf Club, Paradise Wind Shirt, $60

The Random Golf Club team went fully original for this release: this is the first piece designed and built solely by the RGC shop, and it’s a winner. While the over-shirt fits into the “Paradise” collection, it’s meant to handle less than paradisiacal conditions. A light layer that won’t flail all over the place like most of its kind, this wind shirt is the perfect repellant for a light drizzle or a strong gust. We’re all looking forward to more original concepts from the RGC shop in the near future.

Adidas has brought the Stan Smiths back once again, after a full green debut for the 2021 Masters tournament. Both the green and new cloud white colorway come fashioned with the now-famous frayed lace covering, the “kiltie”, but is removable if it doesn’t fit your aesthetic on a particular day. The shoe is remarkably versatile, particularly in the cloud white version, and can easily transition to an off-course stroll about town.

The Stan Smith’s vegan upper is made with Primegreen, adidas’ blend of recycled materials, in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The composite may feel a bit stiff at first blush, but the shoe breaks in nicely after a few wears, and is ultimately a comfortable and functional little pair. Here’s hoping that adidas continues the court-course mashup with additional colorways throughout the year.

Some call a golf course a blank canvas, filled with nothing but endless potential to create magic and horror in the wee span of a few hours. Well, thanks to the wizards at Noah, you can keep some extra canvas on you, should your masterpiece of a round need any additional space. Now, look: I don't know that these pants will do you a whole ton of favors in the summer, especially if the humidor is cranked to full beans. But if your internal thermostat runs a bit frigid, these RECYCLED canvas bottoms will make your outfit pop and give you some added green-minded social currency along the way. If you rock with pleats, then get these pants.

Tory Burch, Reversible Bucket Hat, $78

I love a bucket, and love a reversible bucket twice as much. This lid from Tory Burch is a refreshing departure from their more, eh, formal styles. The twill material should be comfortable and breathable, and both the plaid print and navy colorways make this bucket hat a versatile piece to pull an outfit together. Give it a shot, and keep eyes locked on Tory Burch as they make a bigger foray into the golf space.


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