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Under the Bib: Layers, Prints, and Drawstrings

Temperatures are climbing once again, but we still need to layer up—that’s why I’ve highlighted items that will keep you warm in the shoulder season. This Under the Bib features some new brands in golf, too; ones that are reimagining old looks for today’s player. Spend your money.

Bogey Boys, The Links Pant, $120

Macklemore has started a golf company. Let that sink in. The Seattle-based rapper // thrift shop crate-digger picked up a club for the first time two years ago, and has been all-consumed with the game since. Anything with Macklemore’s name will drive media attention, and Bogey Boys is no different: the company has already been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ESPN, and more heavy hitting publications.

It’s the goal of any clothing brand to tell a story, and for the collective sum of their parts to work cohesively. Macklemore’s goal with Bogey Boys is to offer an alternative to the call-center chic looks found in most pro shops; to showcase a different side of golf for a different type of golfer. “Season One” dropped on March 1, with styles hearkening back to the era of Chi Chi Rodríguez and Lee Trevino: patterns and prints, button-up cardigans, cropped pants, and general “I know where the bodies are buried” energy.

The Links Pant epitomizes Macklemore’s design philosophy. The pant’s tartan print celebrates golf’s history, but is styled in a way that’s decisively modern. This design gives you options, too: pair with a Bogey Boys polo or jacket of the same name, or with your favorite hoodie. Macklemore’s point here is that whatever you scavenge from the Bogey Boys site will work just as well off the golf course as it will on it.

Foray Golf, Chain Reaction Layering, $96

Off the chain. Off the chain, off the chain. Foray Golf recently dropped this lightweight “Chain Reaction” layer, which is perfect for the shoulder season, as temperatures begin to climb once again. This four-way stretch neoprene demands a good playlist. Some Future, some 2 Chainz, anything that references how heavy your neck is. I can’t quite tell where one chain ends and the next one begins.

Foray Golf is a women-owned brand known for producing versatile, not-too-golfy pieces, that span from sweaters and tops, to pants, skirts, and dresses. Oh, and their Queen of Clubs logo is one of the best in golf. No questions, please.

Lyle & Scott, Buttoned Funnel Neck, $100

This funnel neck sweatshirt is another instant classic from the “Golden Eagle”, Lyle & Scott. The buttoned collar gives this pullover some formality, but the soft Loopback Cotton material, ribbed hemline, and adjustable bungees on the cuffs adds sportiness to the look. I’m a fan of how you can style this piece, as well: there’s room to play around with the buttons and how the collar sits, you can treat it as a mid-layer underneath a jacket, or just let it bang over a t-shirt.

What gets me every time with Lyle & Scott is how discreetly their branding is represented across products. The trademarked Golden Eagle is never in your face, but the arm patch immediately reminds you of the iconic brand, and the quality you’re getting in the craftsmanship.

Latrobe, F/W Tee, $60

Latrobe is new on the apparel scene—its first line just dropped in January. The brand elevates classic, casual sweat-wear with thoughtful details: gold-toothed zippers, patches, accented drawstrings. You wouldn’t know that Latrobe was golf-oriented unless you looked through its Instagram page, but the inspiration is evident—even if just through small touches like the pins and watches worn by Arnold Palmer, or Tiger’s gold chain. This Masters green tee from Latrobe is a golf shirt, and it’s also not a golf shirt. That’s what I love about it.


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