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Under the Bib: I Am Resolute

We made it. 2020 is gone. Sure, we’re still in the throes of a global pandemic, depression, rampant systemic racism, and perpetual misogyny, but at least we get to break the plastic wrappings on our new novelty puppy calendars. New year, new you.

To kick off another trip around the sun, I compiled a handful of freshly dropped product from brands that design their wares for a wide variety of settings—not just the four hours a month you spend winding your way around the golf course.

Metalwood Studio, Corduroy Strapback Hat, $40

Somebody took a pair of scissors to your dad’s old pants and gave the clippings to Cole Young. Metalwood Studio is the nostalgic 90’s golf dreamscape that has been churning out recycled looks since early 2020. Born from former Malbon Golf brand guy, Cole Young, Metalwood Studio scratches the thrifty itch burrowed in the hearts of young golfers who look at the current PGA TOUR fashion palate and think “ew, gross.” This corduroy hat is thicc, mustardy, and *still* in stock. Go get one right now.

Macade Golf, Black Cropped Anorak, $95

A relatively new face in the golf apparel world, Macade began releasing men’s and women’s pieces in early 2019 under the auspices of reinvigorating an under-inspired industry. The Swedish brand recently debuted its Autumn/Winter 2020 line, which features this cropped nylon anorak.

Designed for women, the boxy fit compliments a high-waisted pant, and isn’t beholden to the golf course. Instead, this top can transition seamlessly through any sporty endeavor. The subtle italicized branding, kangaroo pocket, and adaptability of this piece across seasons make it a quick cop in my book.

Manzanita Links, Pacific Blue Hoodie, $49

Manzanita Links has one of the most compelling mascots in golf. King Seve, the regal seagull, has captured the hearts of many, and his adornment on Manzanita’s gear is a giant tip of the scales. Manzanita Links is a golf course that plods along the north Oregon coastline, and they’ve scaled their business to include a wide selection of apparel and accessories that you won’t find at your average public track. This hoodie squarely settles any debate on whether this style of clothing is “golf appropriate”.

bagjack GOLF, Bomber Heat Turtle, $378

I’ve been jonesing for a good golf turtleneck, and this release from bagjack takes the marriage of high fashion and comfort to the next level. Minimalist, functional, supremely soft, this turtleneck is built to last. bagjack is a Japanese designer that produces golf bags, apparel, and accessories, always seeming to work in an extra strap, clasp, or buckle into their pieces. These products come with a price tag, but are designed and manufactured with intense care—they’re guaranteed to hold up for the long haul.

Radda Golf, Red Tail Coach Jacket, $71

Radda is once again on-trend with all of the earthy tones we’re seeing pop up in golf (see Nike’s Master’s tournament swatch), and recently debuted this “Red Tail” jacket for the cooler months. Wind and water repellant, button-up fronted, and fashioned with a waistline drawstring, this jacket will undoubtedly function well on the course, and transition to any occasion afterward.


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