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Under the Bib: Gearing Up

We’re settling comfortably into 2021, and the apparel brands are amping up their new releases in advance of the wide-market golf season. They’re already shelling out doozies. Let’s get right into it.

Adidas Golf, ZG21, $180

The new ZG21 might bring me back around to wearing spiked shoes. The design process for this shoe took its sweet time—nearly two years—but that scrupulousness pays off for us, as it comes packed to the seams with new tech. In essence, you’ve got a Formula 1 car on your foot. For one, the brand new Lightstrike cushioning is 40 percent lighter than any EVA foam in the market, and when coupled with Adidas’ buyer-favorite BOOST, you’ve got a one-two punch of comfortable stability.

The shoe is also remarkably clean—aided, no doubt, by the lightweight waterproof upper. The acid-yellow colorway makes it look like you're playing golf on a couple of lemon poppyseed muffins, which is by no means the worst breakfast pairing for a morning tee time. The ZG21 officially hit the online marketplace today, and is an instant hit for the Adidas Golf team to start the year.

Olaya Sport, Define Pullover, $98

This new pullover from woman-owned brand, Olaya Sport, brings the Assassin’s Creed look to the golf course. It’s sleek, it’s bafflingly soft. The pullover is meant to be paired with Olaya’s matching Level skirt, but can support nearly anything in your closet. Lauren Olaya spun up her business in 2018, and largely specializes in one-piece golf dresses. Lauren’s blog space features stories from her experience in golf, and highlights other women pushing the game forward.

Birds of Condor, Big Floppa Sweater, $100

Aussie apparel brand, Birds of Condor, recently rolled out this cotton crewneck sweater, designed for *true players* only. The prolific Down Under golf company teamed up with Slacker Tide, one of the most creative graphic artists out there, on the frontage design which imagines Biggie Smalls squeaking out a left-handed flop shot.

Slacker Tide has built a hearty reputation for drawing iconic celebrities in golf-related environments and bestowing them with a punned-out image title. The Big Floppa design fits that bill, blending thoughtful homage with clever reinterpretation. What’s more, 10% of your Big Floppa purchase benefits the Brooklyn Arts Council, which helps support Brooklyn-based artists who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about the effort here, and please consider donating.

No Members, Stone Wash Bucket Hat, $40

We’ve got a war of attrition on our hands with golf dress codes—the community has been chipping away at tired, classist, and racist policies masqueraded as “tradition,” which most recently boiled over with a hoodie debate. While hooded sweatshirts are gaining favor, denim is still on golf’s no-fly list. Until now. This stone wash bucket hat is a nice little amuse bouche for jeans on the golf course, and the No Members script directs another middle-digit toward the golf gentry.

Lululemon x TrendyGolf, City Sweat Hoodie, $123

It’s super duper honesty time: I’m originally from the Boston area, and as such was raised in the cultish shadow of Tom Brady and the Patriots. Only since relocating to the PNW have I realized that it’s inadvisable to engage in teary-eyed screaming matches with fans of Patriot-rival football teams. The pinnacle of my insatiable—and frankly, questionable—Tom Brady fandom came in high school, with the purchase of a full Lululemon sweat-wear line because Tom Brady was seen practicing in them. Like I said, questionable.

Lululemon is hitting the golf space as well, most recently in a collaboration with TrendyGolf, with its new City Sweat Hoodie. This piece looks supremely comfortable, and the available colorways are simple, but offer a smooth touch to compliment the rest of the outfit.


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