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  • Trevor Foster

Under the Bib: Can We Be Vest Friends?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We’re knee-deep into May, and while we have lost track of how long stay at home orders have been going on for, there is light at the end of the tunnel. States are starting to slowly open back up and those previously deprived of the greatest game on planet earth are being let loose on the links. Days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer and the double loop is becoming more common. In this month’s installment of Under the Bib, I’ll highlight a few pieces that you’ll want to add to the bag for those 36 hole days.

SOLO Golf Co., Vest, Price TBD

The mornings are still cool and I may have found the perfect layer for early morning dew sweeping or evening sunset chasing. This vest from SOLO Golf Co. offers warmth but, unlike a lot of outer layers, will not impact your swing in the slightest. SOLO Golf Co is a husband-wife duo based in New England, three years in the making. Producing unique, functional, high quality garments, I think SOLO can make a splash on the new golfware scene.

The vest is made of water-repellent material and has a fleece lining. The sleeveless cut results in very little restriction in the golf swing, and the way they built the hood into the vest helps keep it in place while slinging the ball around. SOLO is all about finding your own style and embracing it on and off the golf course—they handpick materials and everything is made in the US. Be on the lookout for this vest to drop late May or early June and will be released in three different colorways.

Adidas, Adicross Wrap Knit Pants, $77-110

Now that we’ve covered the top half, let's talk about what's below the belt. Adidas is a brand that needs no introduction and has recently been progressive with their golfware. Most notably, the behemoth dropped a collection with skateboard company Palace. The pants I want to highlight here are their Adicross Wrap Knit Pants. I have two pairs of these in grey and black and I absolutely love them. They have a fairly significant taper to them, giving you a tailored fit feel and a cargo pocket on the side which is less functional than it should be.

My one qualm with these pants is that side cargo pocket, it’s slightly too small. It would be a great place to stash a scorecard but to do that with most monstrosities of scorecards you’ll have to fold it up a half dozen times. With that being said, these are hands down my favorite pair of golf pants I have ever owned and there is a navy pair on sale right now for $77. You pair the SOLO vest and these Adicross pants with your favorite golf shirt and headwear (I’m always a fan of a good bucket hat), and you’ll be all set for the double loops this month.

I want to talk a little bit about playing golf during a pandemic. Being in Oregon, we’ve been lucky to be able to play golf while all this is going on, which I am incredibly thankful for. For those of you who are just getting back out to playing golf for the first time since COVID hit, here are a few tips I want to share on playing responsibly and enjoy this game we all love so much.

First off, bring hand sanitizer and use it. Check in and pay online if the course is offering that. Stay six feet apart as much as you can from other golfers and the Bandits in your group, and try not to pick up that lost egg you find in the long grass. Playing golf with a mask on might not be necessary once you tee off, but wearing one to check in and around the clubhouse is probably a good idea. A few boutique golf companies, like Seamus in Portland, have been making masks during this time, so check and see if one of your favorite small businesses has any available. Not to mention a ski mask, UV buff, or handkerchief is probably one of the most bandit things you can throw on during a COVID round. Not only are you going to look like a BAMF, but you are protecting your playing partners from your germs and protecting your delicate skin that hasn’t seen the sun in over a month from UV rays.

That’s a wrap for now, Bandits. Stay safe out there and enjoy having the golf back. If you do end up following any links to purchase an item we do not receive anything, nor can we offer any promo codes at this time. If nothing caught your eye today, check back next month to what else is popping—or holla at us on Twitter and Instagram with what you have been wearing or been spying on.


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