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  • Trevor Foster

Under the Bib: Put the Masters on Your Feet

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Alright Bandits, y'all need to step your style up. We are amidst a cultural revolution in the game of golf, and the sport’s style has never been in a better place. We all know the look: pleated khakis, an oversized polo and sporty sunglasses—that's a golfer’s traditional coat of arms. While the overall look of golf has remained stagnant for half a century or so, things are trending upward. Recently we’ve seen professionals wear joggers, garment performance improve and an emergence of boutique brands.

Disclaimer: In no way am I on the cutting edge of fashion, or really even know what that means, but I know what I like when I see it.

These monthly posts will highlight a few items and brands that I've recently seen in the realm of golf fashion; focused primarily on items and brands that look good both on and off the course. I know Bag Bandits ball on a budget, and are always hunting for a low score so Price and Performance Potential will be a factor in what is included on these monthly shortlists.

This first tee time of Bandit Bibs starts with one of the best layers in golf by one of the hottest brands in golf. If you fux with the fashion, follow along. Find us on Twitter and IG. If you read this religiously, you’ll be fly by Easter ‘21.

Malbon, BOSS ¼ ZIP, $170

Malbon comes with that spring heat 2020! Malbon takes their ¼ zip look to prep school with two colorways that have a ‘90s / early 2000s vibe. Stephen and Erica Malbon started this golf-wear brand in 2017 and quickly gained popularity with their lively golf ball logo, creative collaborations and features in popular press such as GQ, Vogue and The New York Times. Malbon has two brick and mortar locations, one in Los Angeles, California and the other in Seoul, Korea.

The ¼ zip is one of my favorite layers to wear on and off the golf course. It provides enough warmth to keep you comfortable, dawn or dusk, yet enough breathability to wear all day, Spring or fall. Malbon kills it with these two colorways by blending the big blocky “rugby” scheme while keeping it Country Club enough to wear at Oakmont. Priced at $170 it’s a bit of a splurge but it is tax refund szn.

NIKE, React Infinity Pro, $120

I love spikeless golf shoes. They’re comfortable and versatile in both look and function. However, I came across this article about this study the pros at Pinehurst compiled on spikeless vs removable spiked golf shoes. They found that Bandits who wore spiked shoes hit the ball 4+ yards further and had faster, more consistent ball speeds. This got me looking for some new golf shoes.

Nike's newest spiked golf shoe features one big spike on the heel that looks like it belongs on a BattleBot, and two smaller ones on the balls of the feet. These kicks should provide plenty of stability throughout the swing—and if Brooks is wearing them, they gotta be good enough for me. I like the athletic look of these shoes and they come in a few different colorways on Nike’s website.

$120 is a fair price for a new pair of golf shoes. Although I don’t find the look of these shoes too inspiring, I haven’t seen traction on a golf shoe look like. Do they perform as well as they look? Bandits let me know!

BKNR, Tournament Badges, $12

The Date is November 12, 2020, it’s a gloomy Thursday morning and as the coffee pot gently gurgles in the kitchen Jim Nantz greets us with the two words we’ve been waiting 7 months for to mean from Augusta National Golf Club “Hello Friends

April is going to be a weird month with no Masters and the world fighting a pandemic and if any item of clothing can help lift your spirits I hope it's these socks from BKNR Golf Club. BKNR is a new boutique golf lifestyle label based out of Portland, OR. In BKNR Golf Club’s shop, you won’t find a big selection but you will find Pop Art inspired golf wear that is ON POINT! At $12 a pair these are a no brainer and will up the quarantine and chill outfit.

Radda Golf, Palmer Pant, $90

Plaid will forever be a golf look. Radda spins a modern twist into the classic plaid pant. With an elastic waistband and belt loops, the possibilities are endless. Radda boasts these pants to be water-repellant, which I am skeptical of, but they also have a ball pocket. These pants are currently sold out on Radda’s website but I recommend checking out what else they have.

Radda is a brand I’ve been following for a while now, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next. The brand has already fitted Tiger Hood, and I believe they’re in a good position to be a big name in this new wave of modern golf culture.

That’s a wrap for now, Bandits. Hope you enjoyed the first installment of Under the Bib, and maybe found something to add to your locker. If you do end up following any links to purchase an item we do not receive anything, nor can we offer any promo codes. If nothing caught your eye today, check back in next month to what else is popping.

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