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Our Mission

Golf is a beautiful game, and it’s loaded with problems. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and it feels like a strange time to be starting something new. It feels less strange to start something that has a designated mission to challenge the status quo and uncover solutions to golf’s problems.

So we’re sharing our mission to hold ourselves accountable—to hold you accountable—for making our game and everything that comes along with it truly open. Open to every community and every single intersection.

We hope you stand with us in this pledge, and join us in committing to hearing stories—every story—that represent all of us. No matter what.


Golf is tight! It’s part of who we are at The Bag Bandit. But golf is too tight right now. It's a game played on tight grass, in tight fairways, but has even tighter expectations of who a golfer can be. It's time to change that.

Our mission at The Bag Bandit is to loosen the screws on golf and make it inclusive for everyone. We’re here to tell stories about relationships with golf. How it inspires us. How it raised us. How it makes us feel human. How it excludes us, and what we’re doing to break down its walls.



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