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Guest Post: Why We Play. VibesStyle&Golf

This post was submitted by the VibesStyle&Golf team. Follow their journey on Instagram here.

VibesStyle&Golf is a collective of 3 newbie golfers from England, comprised of GC, Remiblu, and Yems. GC has been playing for just over a year and Yems and Remiblu picked up the game just three months ago.

We each took up golf as a new challenge, as we all have sporting backgrounds. GC for example has tried his hand at football, basketball, snowboarding, and Kung Fu to name a few, and saw golf as an opportunity to have fun whilst learning a new skill once again. Similar stories for Remiblu and Yems – plus GC telling them how dope the sport has been to learn and play. We also recognised the lifestyle opportunities afforded by golfers such as scenic golf courses, new networks and excuses to travel and play courses abroad.

All three of us have taken on the challenge of learning to play golf in different ways. For example, Yems has chosen a structured approach and has decided to take up golf lessons so that he can focus more on ingraining the proper technique before playing a golf course. “I hear a lot about the feeling you get when you play a course but I am trying to stay away until I have mastered each golf club. It gives me extra motivation to improve my game as soon as possible.”

Remiblu has approached playing golf in the same way he has learnt to play other sports: he likes to learn naturally. Remiblu calls this the “rogue approach” and it has worked out well for him. He told himself that he will learn as much as he can naturally, and will delve into lessons to negate bad habits. Remiblu has a saying: “Oh and if you haven't sliced your ball into the next bay at a range then you ain't lived life yet.”

With GC being further along on his learning journey, he is now at the stage where he is focusing on gaining on-course experience. GC has found playing courses to be dope due to how scenic and aesthetically pleasing they are. “The feeling you get from being outdoors, in and around nature. Especially when you encounter wildlife out on the course - deers and ducks etc. All of that nature puts you at zen. I have found the people you meet on course and at driving ranges to all be cool people, as if only people with good vibes play golf haha.”

As any golfer would know, there is so much to process when learning within the game of golf, from the perfect golf stance, best golf grip, alignment and how to swing the club. The beautiful thing of learning together and sharing our journey is that we all benefit from the advice and support we each show each other, and we want to produce content that appeals to the masses. Remiblu has very recently started to play courses and can confirm a driving range compared to a 18, or quick 9 hole, are worlds apart… which has encouraged him to close his club face promptly😅 ➡️

We decided to document our golf journey via insta (@vibesstylegolf) because the more we played the more we realised how litty the sport is. However, the outside perception of the sport is often not that, so we want to be the conduit of that information and feed it back to peeps that have never ever considered playing. We also consider ourselves to have good vibes, stylish and are gifted lol, so feel like we will be able to inspire peeps that can also relate to our vibes and culture. People that feel they can relate to us, in that perhaps they are also into hip hop, fashion (both streetwear and formal style), grew up in inner cities so wouldn’t easily access golf courses and have a love of other sports like football and basketball. Ideally, we can also inspire the younger generation to pick up golf as a lifelong sport and see where it takes them.

Our long term ambitions are just to keep attacking the game of golf, play cool and fun courses, strive to get better and dominate some tournaments haha.


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